History of the Farm

Road View

Mr. David Smith started farming at 20 Otter River Road in 1969 with 20 bred heifers. He lived in the barn until he married his wife, Carol, in 1971, at which time they built a home on the farm where they would raise their three children. By 1985, the Smiths’ herd had grown to 220 milkers.

As the price of milk continued to fluctuate unpredictably, David realized that he needed to gain more control over the price he was receiving for milk. He joined a pilot program at the University of MN teaching farmers how to make their own farmstead Gouda cheese. He purchased his first set of stainless steel cheese making equipment from a dairy farm in MN and drove it back to the farm in a UHaul truck (including the precious Gouda recipe that is still used today). He took a cheese making course in Canada, and officially opened Smith’s Country Cheese in a newly-built creamery and gift shop in 1985.

David has always been committed to making quality farmstead cheeses and to leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible for the farm. He has been a mentor to countless farmstead cheesemakers around New England.

Approaching retirement age and wanting to see Smith’s Country Cheese continue as a family-operated farm and creamery, David and Carol began looking for a new owner in 2013. This was realized in 2016 and they wish the Catlins the best!