Each day, our family is committed to providing the best care for our cows, making quality cheeses for our customers, and taking care of the environment that has given us so much.

Whether you prefer cheeses with traditional flavors, natural smokiness, savory or spicy herb rubs, or whipped into our famous Gouda cheese spreads, you’ll always be eating natural, hand-crafted products when you choose Smith’s. We pride ourselves on using only fresh and natural ingredients (the simpler the better). Our cheeses are made with our own raw milk, free of antibiotics and hormones. We use non-animal rennet, and source our herbs and spices from local companies.

At Smith’s Country Cheese, we’ve made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. Our grid-tied photovoltaic solar system offsets over 70% of our hot water and 30% of our electrical usage costs by using the energy of the sun. We make our own compost from cow manure, famously known as “Otter River Black Gold” to manage our farm waste in a green way (check out what it does for your lawn and garden!). We happily welcome visitors to shop our country gift shop, visit the cows, and watch us make cheese (oh yes, and sample it too!).

We invite you to experience the delightful difference in true local, farmstead cheese.

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